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The world needs powerful stories.

We’re here to help you tell yours.


We are Ministory

We use digital storytelling to drive change.

We are a studio that develops digital resources based on our Intrinsic Storytelling methodology. We hold expertise in creating resources for organisations that seek behavioural change with their audiences. Whether the cause is humanitarian, conservation or community service there is a always a need to engage, inspire and motivate audiences into action. An increasingly difficult challenge in today’s marketplace.

We believe that creating rich and compelling digital content can help deliver on these ambitions, as well as helping organisations to think through fresh new strategies for engaging their audiences.

So whatever your cause, be it poverty reduction, tackling climate change, gender equality, conservation, youth community projects, raising awareness or engaging with a religious cause, at Ministory we can build the resources and give you the tools and strategies to help you use storytelling to drive the change you seek.

Here is a sample of our recent work.

Pope Francis approves of Ministory’s work!

At a recent Vatican conference on climate change, Pope Francis was presented with letters written by children in England and Wales, all based on the Ministory animation and illustrations Laudato Si': On care for our [...]

Ministory at the World Meeting of Families

As part of the visit to Ireland by Pope Francis, the director of Ministory was interviewed about the development of the resources around the Amoris animation series. This was a chance to discuss some [...]

Sad passing away of artist Fernando Llort

Fernando Llort, the Salvadoran painter who created the artwork and inspiration for our Romero animation, has sadly died at the age of 69. Llort is known across the globe thanks to his famous Romero [...]


Specialist in 2d animations

Animation studio

We create animations that are best suited for stories that need to communicate services, ideas or explain


For emotive and direct storytelling

Connecting with your audience

Good storytelling requires engagement, connection and authenticity, which is best achieved through emotive video stories


Stories through printed resources

Developing printed resources

Storytelling does not end on your video or animation, we also develop high quality printed resources to help embed your story

We are delighted to have worked on the Amoris animation series.

This set of animations bring together core themes found in the Papal document Amoris Laetitia: The Joy of Love. The animations featured as part of the World Meeting of Families event in Dublin in August 2018, where the Pope visited as part of the event. You can watch a series of them below. 

View more of our recent work

Finding the right way to tell your story

We work closely with you to discover the best format and delivery for your story. Some stories need direct emotive engagement, with real people, real connections with beautifully shot cinematic pieces. This is where video storytelling comes to play. Other stories need to convey a brand and identity, explain a service or idea and deal with abstract concepts. This is where animation storytelling comes in.

We will help you find the right format for your story

We are storytelling artists

At the heart of every successful media campaign, advert or promotion is always a good story.

Stories are a great way of sharing different world views and opening the viewer to a different way of thinking. This is an incredibly powerful way to engage audiences on complex issues in a very simple and non-threatening way.

Stories communicate values. And good storytelling can help viewers reconnect to their deepest values, awakening them into action. Our unique approach to storytelling puts values at the heart of everything we do and seeks to create a ‘values resonance’ with the audience.

Shifting audience behaviour relies on an understanding of intrinsic motivation patterns. At the heart of our storytelling process we use behavioural psychology to map and frame your narrative. This is essential for organisations seeking long-term behavioural change with their audiences.


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