We are Ministory

We are an animation and design studio that are dedicated to telling your story. We specialise in short ‘explainer’ animations, getting complex narrative and storylines into a mini story (hence Ministory!) which are designed for modern day media consumption.

We believe in the power and the art of storytelling for driving our animations. Stories change people. They can drive our actions. We think that great storytelling is the key to influencing your audiences to engage and take action with you. Whatever your campaign, we work closely alongside you to make sure that the narrative for our animations drives your objectives and desired outcomes.


We create excellent video animations

2D Animators

Specialising in 2D animation, we create digital resources that guarantee to be liked and shared on a range of social media platforms


We believe in the power of storytelling

The power of storytelling

To truly engage with your audience we put great emphasis on the storytelling aspect of our animations, leading to greater audience participation and engagement.

Graphic Designers

Both online and offline resources

Designer for materials

We offer the option to supplement your animation with a range of printed or digital resources to support any campaign or initiative.


Utilising existing or creating new branding

Branding design

We are able to incorporate your branding into your resources, or we can create new sub-branding for a campaign

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With working with a wide range of clientele from private to third sector, faith based organisations and charities, Ministory can deliver big results for small budgets, offering creative visual tools for successful digital and online campaigns. Whether you are fundraising, campaigning or engaging your audiences to take action with our organisation, we will work closely with you to ensure campaign success.

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Your brand matters

Your story matters.

Branding is important. Your brand is so important to us, because your brand is part of telling your story. Brands are not just about logos or colour palettes, rather they express your values, your vision, your organisation and we think that your branding is part of telling your story. That is why our animations always adopt and reflect your brand, because we are here to tell your story.

We believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for change. Engaging your audience and inspiring them to act is everyone’s dream, that’s why we give more emphasis to the storywriting aspect of our design process to ensure that we engage, communicate and prompt a response from your audience making sure your story comes alive through the power of storytelling.


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