Project Description

#LoveNeverFails was a video project for client CAFOD to enable their Faith In Action resources and engagement strategy with young people.

The project’s ambition was to develop a range of resources designed to inspire and motivate young people into action with CAFOD. The key elements of the project were to bring in a strong faith element, engaging content, young people identity, simple, engaging and motivational. As a result we opted to create some direct facing videos of young people all reading out ‘I believe’ statements.

The project focused on the three motivation stages: connect, engage, change. The lead video above would be the lead for the marketing strategy, with clear pathways for young people to view the subsequent videos below.

And at the heart of this is a play on Christian scripture, based on the famous 1 Corinthians 13 “Love never fails”, usually associated with weddings and romantic love. The context for this story was to bring this famous phrase “Love never fails” to the context of reaching out to those in need across the globe, with a focus on “whatever we do, no matter how small it may seem, that if we do it with love, it will make a difference… for love never fails.”