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Pope Francis approves of Ministory’s work!


At a recent Vatican conference on climate change, Pope Francis was presented with letters written by children in England and Wales, all based on the Ministory animation and illustrations Laudato Si': On care for our common home. This project was to find a way of telling the story found in this complex and comprehensive [...]

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Can storytelling really change our behaviours?


If storytelling can really change our behaviours, then shouldn't we be paying more attention to it in order to engage our audiences into action? To answer this question it is useful to dip into some recent scientific research that looked at the two chemicals of Cortisone and Oxytocin. The neurochemical called Cortisol–is released by the brain [...]

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Ministory at the World Meeting of Families


As part of the visit to Ireland by Pope Francis, the director of Ministory was interviewed about the development of the resources around the Amoris animation series. This was a chance to discuss some of the unique approaches to developing resources that can be found in the work of Ministory. Finding a story to tell [...]

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Sad passing away of artist Fernando Llort


Fernando Llort, the Salvadoran painter who created the artwork and inspiration for our Romero animation, has sadly died at the age of 69. Llort is known across the globe thanks to his famous Romero Crosses - inspired by Archbishop Oscar Romero who was assassinated for speaking out during El Salvador's bloody civil war - have been [...]

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